23 Times The Internet Roasted The Shit Out Of “Love Actually”

There’s a fine line between hate and love, actually.

13 Nearly Impossible Would You Rather Questions For Anyone Who Loves “Grey’s Anatomy”

But like a doctor, sometimes you need to make tough decisions.

Steven Spielberg Wants A Hollywood Code Of Conduct To Eliminate Sexual Harassment

Gary He For Buzzfeed / Gary He for BuzzfeedSteven Spielberg said Tuesday that he never witnessed any inappropriate or troubling behavior by...

33 Times “Parks And Rec” Proved Friendship Is Real

“This tear, caused by the overwhelming thoughtfulness of my friends, will be my baby’s first memory.” When Ben shared his bachelor party....

The 2018 Golden Globes Nominations Are Here

It was a big day for Big Little Lies.Hollywood's awards season is officially commencing with the Golden Globes nominees, announced on Monday. Check...

15 “Would You Rather” Questions For People Who Really Love TV

Who will you save: Jim and Pam, or Ben and Leslie?

27 Kick-Ass Female Superheroes You’ll Love If Wonder Woman Is Your Favorite

Jessica Jones fighting crime with one hand and sipping a drink with the other is my 2017 aesthetic.

People Are Speculating That Tye Sheridan’s Leg On The “Ready Player One” Poster Was...

“There is absolutely no logical explanation for that ready player one poster, they really did just randomly make one of his legs 7 feet...

WATCH LIVE: The Golden Globes Nominees Are Being Announced

We will post a full list of nominees right here when the ceremony concludes.View Video ›Facebook:...

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